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Music, which especially in the current decade of the 21st century, is exceptionally capacious, because as you know, the synthetic sounds generated by digital machines can be heard in many musical genres not necessarily associated with electronics. More precisely, however, the program mainly presents club music, although experimental music can also be its important and important element. - I believe in genres and all attempts to define music with specific terms. This is not about boxing, but rather about trying to accurately present musical reality - says Michał Margański, author of the program. Techno, house, minimal, disco, breakbeat, big beat, downtempo, electro, modern, IDM, leftfield, krautrock, space rock - each edition of "Triple Bandwidth" is built around these styles. The broadcast is also a big nod to the vinyl record culture, so you can also hear turntablists and producers operating in the field of nu jazz.

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MojePolskieRadio - Potrojne Pasmo Przenoszenia


MojePolskieRadio - Potrojne Pasmo Przenoszenia is an audio service transmitted via the Internet. Broadcasting on the Internet is usually referred to as webcasting or webradio. Listen to MojePolskieRadio - Potrojne Pasmo Przenoszenia on for free and earn BRO.
MojePolskieRadio - Potrojne Pasmo Przenoszenia - Your radiostation from Poland (Warsaw)

What is Webradio?

An audio broadcasting service that is transmitted through the Internet. Internet radio is similar in nature to Internet broadcasting, also called webcasting. However, those listening to the continuous stream audio broadcast have no control over the stream, similar to traditional radio broadcasting. Many radio stations worldwide offer their broadcast via Internet radio to a worldwide audience. Today dedicated hardware devices, commonly called Web radio or Internet radio appliances , can be purchased that connect to a home network and then to the Internet to play live audio streams. Internet radio is also called e-radio.

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