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248.366 Minutes played

Universe Radio

Indie, Pop, Rock
Universe Radio is a small and independent internet station. With us it's all about the Music!
230.873 Minutes played

Scanner Hits

Indie, Electro, Folk, Funk
37.088 Minutes played


Alternative, Indie
46.456 Minutes played


Alternative, Indie, Rock
5.842 Minutes played


Rock, Indie, Alternative
1.670 Minutes played


Alternative, Indie
24.050 Minutes played

Radio FRO 105,0 - Freier Rundfunk Oberösterreich

Eclectic, Indie, World, Alternative
11.741 Minutes played

Mix City Radio

Electro, Indie
211 Minutes played

Black Swamp Radio

Talk, 50s, Country, Indie
The paranormal, supernatural and the unexplained with the best Indie music, & paranormal radio shows with Old Time Radio.
738 Minutes played


Indie, 80s, 90s, Alternative
4.218 Minutes played

Demajors Radio

120 Minutes played

Indie, Pop, Rock
5.051 Minutes played


Electronica, Indie
102.609 Minutes played

OpenFM - Alt Classic

Rock, Alternative, Punk, Indie
116 Minutes played

Oxide - Oxford University Student Radio

Hits, Indie, Oldies, Rock
622 Minutes played


5.495 Minutes played


Blues, Funk, Indie, Soul
385 Minutes played


Alternative, Indie
9.641 Minutes played

Gerard Radio

World, Indie, Pop, Rock
Gerard Radio: Independent online radio station, selected indie, rock, pop music by GERARDJ to listeners all over the world.
15.141 Minutes played

Real Rock

Rock, Indie, Alternative
4.156 Minutes played

The Sound Garden

Indie, Heavy Metal, Punk, Rock
Rock, metal and punk from the Sound Garden Rock Club.
17.678 Minutes played

Evolution Radio

Dance, Indie, Metalcore, Rock
312 Minutes played


Alternative, Indie
2.756 Minutes played

Star FM Pure

Indie, Alternative, Rock, Heavy Metal
46 Minutes played

Sway and Breathe

Rock, Indie, Pop, Alternative
1.027 Minutes played

The Music Machine 2

Alternative, Indie, Punk, Rock
0 Minutes played

The Music Machine

Alternative, Indie
1.049 Minutes played

Radio Califa

Alternative, Indie, Rock
Radio Califa broadcasts since 2009 from Lima, under the webradio modell.
32.346 Minutes played

Ersatz Radio

Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock
0 Minutes played

Substanz FM

Indie, Punk, Rock
1.181 Minutes played

RNE Radio 3

Electronica, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock
126 Minutes played

NEX Generation Atlanta Radio

Hip Hop, Indie, Rap, Top 40
0 Minutes played


0 Minutes played


1.540 Minutes played

95 bFM

Alternative, Eclectic, Indie
175 Minutes played

Alternative, Indie, Pop
2.690 Minutes played

STAR FM Alternative

Alternative, Indie
1.762 Minutes played

Sessiz Radyo

Alternative, Classic Rock, Indie, Oldies
Sessiz Radyo from Istanbul shows you the sounds of turkish and international music.
5.196 Minutes played

RMF Alternatywa

Indie, Alternative
19.088 Minutes played

RADIO BOB! BOBs Alternative Rock

Alternative, Indie, Punk, Rock
13 Minutes played

WWIR - World Wide Indie Radio

WWIR streams music from the best independent, emerging artists from around the world.
144 Minutes played

WCYT - The Point 91.1 FM

5.052 Minutes played

Scanner Beat

Hip Hop, Hits, Indie, Funk
563 Minutes played


Alternative, Indie, Indo Pop - Dangdut, Pop
1 Minutes played

Sub Pop Radio

Pop, Indie
Sup Pop Records is an indie-label from Seattle. This station of theirs features pop and indie hits by the artists, bands and comedians signed up to this label.
19 Minutes played

Radio Nova CR

House, Indie, Alternative, Rock
5.289 Minutes played


Indie, Pop, Rock
0 Minutes played

Le Mellotron

Jazz, Indie, World, Alternative
117.753 Minutes played

Neo Radio NM russischen Lounge

Jazz, Indie, Soundtrack
3 Minutes played

KC Cafe Radio

Eclectic, Indie
466 Minutes played

Irish Radio International

Indie, Talk
Stay Connected with Ireland. Irish Radio International is the station for all Irish people at home and abroad, as well as the New Irish
42 Minutes played


0 Minutes played


Indie, Pop, Electro
190 Minutes played

NTS Radio

Eclectic, Indie, Pop
Born from the blog, NTS aims to fill a void in the community of musically minded progressive thinking people in London.
0 Minutes played


Alternative, Indie
56 Minutes played


0 Minutes played

Radio Campus Avignon

Indie, Pop
0 Minutes played


Eclectic, Indie
32.900 Minutes played

Maximum Indie Classic

69.932 Minutes played


Gothic, Indie, Punk, Rock
0 Minutes played

WRFL - Radio Free Lexington

Indie, Heavy Metal, Punk
0 Minutes played


Indie, Pop
0 Minutes played


Eclectic, Indie
201 Minutes played

Radio Eigekai

9 Minutes played


Indie, Pop
235 Minutes played

Starlifer Radio

Electronica, Indie
0 Minutes played


House, Indie, Pop, Rock
couchFM Das Berliner Campus Radio - sendet jeden Freitag von 17- 18 Uhr auf der Frequenz von ALEX Offener Kanal Berlin auf 88vier.
121 Minutes played


Eclectic, Hits, Indie
2 Minutes played

bi fm

Alternative, Indie, Pop
0 Minutes played


Alternative, Indie, Rock
Rock your socks off with hardcore guitar sound!
0 Minutes played

Todoexitos Indie

Indie, Mainstream
Listen to the best hits of alternative music and the best selection of the latest mainstream.
647 Minutes played


Electronica, Indie
18 Minutes played

NPO 3FM Alternative

Alternative, Indie
3FM Dutch top radio station presents alternative music.
3.071 Minutes played


Britpop, Alternative, Indie
An alternative collage radio that serves you the best songs of indie music from all over the world but mostly American and European.
207 Minutes played

Radio Woot

Britpop, Rock, Indie, Pop
548 Minutes played


Classic Rock, Indie, Alternative, Britpop
724 Minutes played


Britpop, Indie, Pop
Indie pop meets evergreens and guitar acts.
888 Minutes played


Britpop, Charts, Hits, Indie
Admiravel - The life that surrounds us.
1.272 Minutes played

Indie 97.9

Alternative, Britpop, Indie, Punk
Indie 97.9 - Everything from Post Punk, to early alternative, Britpop, Punk, as well the whole spectrum of latest alternative and Indie Rock
318 Minutes played


Alternative, Britpop, Indie, Rock
The online radio for all sorts of music from Great Britain. From Brit Pop and alternative to rock and electro - only the crown jewels!
1.055 Minutes played


Britpop, Indie
Alternative, Indie, Britpop, Electro: Music that I like, have liked or the audience likes. Does not hurt and it is still nice.
7.643 Minutes played

New Clear Radio

Rock, Classic Rock, Britpop, Indie
0 Minutes played


Indie, Pop, Alternative, Britpop
15.144 Minutes played

Indie Imagination Radio

Indie, Alternative, Britpop, Ska
This station plays music from the '70s to the present, including indie, britpop, alternative and to a lesser extent new wave, shoegaze, ska and (post)-punk.
1.221 Minutes played


Alternative, Britpop, Indie
46 Minutes played

delta radio Sommer

Dancehall, Indie, Pop, R'n'B
449 Minutes played

Radio Asharam

Indie, Dub, Reggae, Rock
578 Minutes played

Hoxton FM

Dub, Electro, Indie, Synthpop
680 Minutes played

This is it

Indie, Alternative, Downtempo, Eclectic
A nice melodic blend of indie, pop and lounge..
42.931 Minutes played

Nordic Lodge - Outer Rim

Indie, 90s, Downtempo, Trip Hop
Eclectic mix of downtempo, trip hop, and indie music from the 90s until today. The commercial free sister station to Nordic Lodge Copenhagen.
840 Minutes played


Experimental, Indie
351 Minutes played

Radio Grande Brive

Alternative, Experimental, Indie, Rock
22 Minutes played

NBT Music Radio

Alternative, Experimental, Indie
NBT Music Radio play all sorts from old country music, Brit pop, experimental bubblegum, to soul and jazz and hard rock.. always alternative.
146 Minutes played


Alternative, Garage Rock, Indie, Rock
Indierock& Pop, Alternative Rock, New Wave, Punkrock, Postpunk, Electroclash, 80's, 60's, Gothrock, Synthpop, Elektrorock, Garage and more!
304 Minutes played

BAGeL Radio (Soma FM)

Alternative, Garage Rock, Indie, Rock
2 Minutes played

BAGeL Radio (Soma FM)

Alternative, Garage Rock, Indie, Rock
6.633 Minutes played

Zeromix Radio

Rock, Indie, Grunge, Punk
Zeromix Radio - No DJs just music 24 hours a day. Genres Alternative, Indie, Rock, Reggae, Ska and the best of the decades 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.
11.562 Minutes played

delta radio GRUNGE

Alternative, Indie, Grunge
delta radio Grunge Stream - Whether Nirvana, Soundgarden or the Smashing Pumpkins – they got them all. Discover the delta radio Grunge Stream.
4.767 Minutes played

delta radio ALTERNATIVE

Alternative, Indie, Punk, Grunge
delta radio Alternativ Stream - delta radio Alternative sums up everything rock enthusiasts like.
387 Minutes played


German Rock, Indie, Pop, Rock
We have it all in German and its all rocking or popping. Its sounds like great German rock.
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