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100 Stations with Genre Easy Listening

97.584 Minutes played

Radio Metro Østfold

Easy Listening, Pop
Radio Metro - pop and easy listening radio channel from Askin, Norway.
5.097 Minutes played

Radio Metro Buskerud

Easy Listening, Pop
17.448 Minutes played

Rádio Triângulo

Jazz, Easy Listening
449 Minutes played


Easy Listening
18.015 Minutes played

WEHH Elmira-Corning

Easy Listening
1.618 Minutes played


Easy Listening
37.473 Minutes played

2CCC - Coast 96.3 FM

Easy Listening
403 Minutes played

C-Si Bon Tranquille

Easy Listening, Jazz
5.248 Minutes played

Radio Metro Mjøsbyene

Easy Listening, Pop
277 Minutes played

KBVA - Variety 106.5 FM

Easy Listening
3.221 Minutes played

Easy Grooves Radio

60s, 70s, Easy Listening, Lounge
Specializing in bringing your rarities from the Genres: Easy Listening, Lounge, Space Age Pop & Movie Soundtracks of the 60s and 70s.
3.847 Minutes played

Transamérica Light São Paulo

Easy Listening, Soft Pop, Soft Rock, Top 40
734 Minutes played

WJEJ - Swingin' Easy 1240 AM

Easy Listening
276.384 Minutes played

Fréquence-Bleu Radio

Chillout, Easy Listening, Lounge, New Age
1.974 Minutes played


Easy Listening, Pop, Soft Rock, Soul
9.247 Minutes played


Easy Listening, Soft Pop, Soft Rock, Soul
144 Minutes played


Easy Listening, Pop, Soft Rock, Soul
203 Minutes played


Easy Listening, Lounge
Non stop lounge music brought to you from Ibiza by MOKAÏ and DJ Alex Kentucky
4.563 Minutes played

Sitis Radio

Urban, World, Alternative, Easy Listening
827 Minutes played

Adoration Christian Radio

Easy Listening, Christian Contemporary, Gospel
24/7 Inspiration Christian Music - Enjoy The Sensation of Christian Music.
81 Minutes played

Radio Metro Oslo

Easy Listening, Pop
2.842 Minutes played

Transamérica Light Curitiba

Easy Listening, Soft Pop, Soft Rock
87 Minutes played

The Twickz

Easy Listening, Techno, Trance
7.161 Minutes played

Travel Relax Radio

Easy Listening, Love Songs, Pop
Travel Mix Radio is webradio station playing a variety top chart hits from 80s, 90s, 00s and today, 70% current hits and 30% hits from the past.
272 Minutes played


Easy Listening, Lounge
13.020 Minutes played

RMC 1 - Monte Carlo Nights Story

Easy Listening
1.765 Minutes played

RADIO879 The Spirit of Shropshire

Country, 60s, Easy Listening, Jazz
RADIO879 The Spirit of Shropshire: Various music genre, information about heritage and tourism in and around Shropshire UK. The Spirit of Shropshire.
10 Minutes played

Radio Metro Romerike

Easy Listening, Pop
10 Minutes played


Easy Listening, Oldies, Pop
15 Minutes played

WBNL - 1540 AM

Easy Listening
142 Minutes played

The Breeze Portsmouth

Easy Listening
77 Minutes played

Smooth Radio West Midlands

Easy Listening
370 Minutes played

Smooth Radio North East

Easy Listening
1.765 Minutes played

Smooth Radio East Midlands

Easy Listening
468 Minutes played

Singer Songwriter FM

Easy Listening, Love Songs, Pop
3.117 Minutes played

Rádio Marginal

Easy Listening
25.348 Minutes played

Radio Brocken Lovesongs

Chillout, Easy Listening, Love Songs, Soft Pop
19.650 Minutes played

Radio Enamorados FM

Easy Listening, Hits, Love Songs
229 Minutes played

Radio Kuber Kontrei

Talk, Easy Listening, Gospel
130 Minutes played

RAI FD4 Leggera

Easy Listening
21 Minutes played

KIFM Sunny 98.1

Hits, Pop, Easy Listening
2.050 Minutes played


Easy Listening
324 Minutes played

LR 5

Easy Listening, Dance, Pop
National music radio idea: to scan all the best in the country Latvia Show.
74.554 Minutes played

LOVETIMES | Romantic Music Hits

Easy Listening, Love Songs
An unforgettable journey through the great moments of international romantic music.
32 Minutes played

Light Favorites - Easy 108

Easy Listening, Talk
Playing easy listening favorites from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s and beyond.
31.993 Minutes played

Blue FM

Ambient, Easy Listening, Instrumental
38.558 Minutes played

Radio Roma Musica

Jazz, Easy Listening, Deep House, Pop
Welcome to Radio Roma Musica! The best station for chill out, easy listening tunes.
6 Minutes played

TOPFM Sidoarjo

Christian Music, Christian Contemporary, Easy Listening
TOPFM Radio allows you to listen to Christian Contemporary Music, Christian Praise and Worship, SmoothJazz and Easy Listening.
0 Minutes played

WVIN-FM - V 98.3 FM

Easy Listening, Pop, Soft Rock, Soul
640 Minutes played

Gazdasagi Radio Csakzene

Easy Listening
85.192 Minutes played


Easy Listening, Pop, Asian Music
33.667 Minutes played

Great 93

Easy Listening, Pop, Asian Music
GREAT 93, broadcasting their greatest hits! Expect Easy Listening, the greats & more.. based in Surin, Thailand.
60.923 Minutes played

Maximum FM Café

Chillout, Easy Listening, Lounge
190 Minutes played

Smooth Radio North West

Easy Listening
80 Minutes played

Palm 105.5

Easy Listening, Mainstream, Pop
0 Minutes played

mySCOUT! Radio

Easy Listening
Easy Listening Music from the gay/lesbian Network on MyScout.FM
0 Minutes played

Radio Rociana 107.7 FM

Latin, Hits, Easy Listening, Spanish Music
25.471 Minutes played

Instrumentals Forever

Big Band, Classical, Easy Listening, Instrumental
The greatest orchestras, bigbands and instrumentalists non-stop on Instrumentals Forever.
19 Minutes played

The Departure Lounge

Easy Listening, Lounge, Bossa Nova, Soundtrack
The perfect soundtrack to your glamourous, jet-set lifestyle. Cool, thrilling, evocative music for playboys and playgirls worldwide.
3 Minutes played

Radio4Baby - Playtime

Ambient, Children Music, Classical, Easy Listening
Composed for infants and pregnant women, good music is not only a source of joy, but also develops the baby's sensitivity and intelligence.
525 Minutes played

Radio Pacifique

Ambient, Downtempo, Easy Listening, Lounge
8.613 Minutes played

Radio Plenitude

Ambient, Downtempo, Easy Listening, New Age
0 Minutes played

100% Deutsch - von SchlagerPlanet

German Music, Easy Listening, Pop
You love german pop music? 100% Deutsch is our new radiostation that offers Andreas Bourani, Sarah Connor & Herbert Grönemeyer all around the clock!
9.920 Minutes played

Radio Nature

New Age, Ambient, Easy Listening
919 Minutes played

The Cove

Chillout, New Age, Easy Listening
Quiet instrumentals to replenish your spirit. Unwind your day in The Cove with a peaceful mix of new age, soft jazz & acoustic artists.
236 Minutes played 2 - New Age, Ambient and Classic

Ambient, Easy Listening, New Age, Trance
New Age music from a german webradio including everything between easy listening, chillout, lounge, etc.
364 Minutes played

High Tide Radio

New Age, World, Instrumental, Easy Listening
High Tide Radio is an indie instrumental station featuring a blend of easy listening, world, solo piano and new age style music.
20 Minutes played

The Breeze Brigthon

Easy Listening
0 Minutes played

The Breeze Winchester

Easy Listening
31.593 Minutes played

Radio Buddha Bar

Chillout, Easy Listening, Lounge, Trip Hop
12.185 Minutes played


Chillout, Easy Listening, Jazz, Trip Hop
Glamorous Easy Listening, smoothly flowing Chillout, sensual Neo-soul and, of course, Smooth Jazz.
2.530 Minutes played


Easy Listening
Discover the world of Manga and Anime with this Internet radio station, AnimeSeed.
0 Minutes played

ABC Lounge

Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening
ABC LOUNGE will transport you to the sun of the French Riviera, with chillout, easy listening and ambient sounds coming your way..
536.666 Minutes played

Relax 90.8 FM - Moscow

Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening
0 Minutes played

RADIO PSR Chillout

Chillout, Ambient, Easy Listening, Lounge
1.566 Minutes played


Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening, Lounge
Deluxe Lounge web radio presents.... modern sounds for urban nomads. Always positiv, uplifting and bright music!
0 Minutes played

Jamendo Lounge

Easy Listening, Lounge, Chillout, Ambient
0 Minutes played

NRJ Good Night

Soft Pop, Ambient, Easy Listening
1.830 Minutes played

Antenne MV Baltic Lounge

House, Ambient, Easy Listening, Electro
0 Minutes played

1.FM - Destination SPA

Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening
1.FM's relaxation channel plays only soft, chilled tunes, always perfect for meditation, a rest of the mind and the body, the spirit and the senses.
23 Minutes played

Air Lounge Radio

Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening, Lounge
100% Lounge music - relaxing with sea, sun and zen.
0 Minutes played

Float Spa FM

Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening, Lounge
38.633 Minutes played


Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening
226 Minutes played


Ambient, Easy Listening, Lounge, Deep House
0 Minutes played

Album Radio LOUNGE

Chillout, Easy Listening, Lounge, Ambient
71 Minutes played

Chocolat Radio

Chillout, Ambient, Easy Listening, Lounge
0 Minutes played


Chillout, Easy Listening
Welcome to Chilltrax, the world's chillout channel! The place to unwind with downtempo and chilled grooves.
0 Minutes played


Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening, Lounge
ZEN FOR YOU relaxes your soul and your mind with the help of ambient, lounge, chillout, easy listening or smooth jazz.
57 Minutes played

Radio Lounge

Chillout, Deep House, Ambient, Easy Listening
4.245 Minutes played

STR - Space Travel Radio

Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening, Instrumental
0 Minutes played


Ambient, Easy Listening
Pikkarradio - Smooth music for daydreamers.
339 Minutes played

R.SH Relax

Easy Listening, Ambient, Chillout, Lounge
1.895 Minutes played

seasaltradio - Seasaltradio

Ambient, Chillout, Easy Listening
Like a Spa for your soul - Seasalt Radio plays Chillout, Easy Listenening and Ambient non stop.
1.338 Minutes played

Sleep Radio

Easy Listening, Chillout, Ambient
Sleep Radio: Trouble sleeping? Try this station. The only station on the planet that actually wants people to fall asleep while listening.
240 Minutes played

ENERGY Acoustic Hits

Easy Listening, Pop
0 Minutes played

NRJ At Home

Easy Listening, Pop
0 Minutes played

NRJ At Home

Easy Listening, Pop
362.635 Minutes played

Spokoinoe Radio Russia

Ambient, Celtic, Easy Listening
Spokoinoe Radio Russia plays finest celtic and ambient sounds.
0 Minutes played

Our Salon Radio

Talk, 80s, Easy Listening
Entertainment by the Our Salon community users for Our Salon users and others.
95 Minutes played

Radio Week-FM Easy Listening

Easy Listening
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