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3,246,798 Minutes played
1 - The Rock!

Metal, Metalcore, Power Metal, Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Acoustic Blues - Best Music from the United States. Listen the webradio from LIVE on Bitradio. Tune in the Music and stre...
381,335 Minutes played

Radio ROKS

70s, Hard Rock, Modern Rock, Rock, Classic Rock
Radio ROKS is a Ukrainian music and information radio station broadcasting from Kyiv and from 25 cities of the country....
229,940 Minutes played


Heavy Metal, Metal, Hard Rock, Power Metal
If you like Hard-Rock, Heavy-Metal, Power-Metal and melodic Metal RMO:The Heavy is the right place for you!
212,230 Minutes played

MetalBlast FM

Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Grindcore, Hard Rock, Thrash Metal
At "MetalBlast FM" you get the full roar Metal and Hard Rock from the all the times.
206,085 Minutes played

Austrian Rock Radio

Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
The best rock songs from soft hard rock to heavy metal! Hand-crafted rock from the music editors of Life Radio and Anten...
122,065 Minutes played


Classic Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock
HardRadio online siteless
118,635 Minutes played

Frequence 13

Hard Rock, Pop, Classic Jazz, Classical, Rock
Radio Frequence 13
92,695 Minutes played

»Sprengies World FM«

Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal
Alles was ordentlich rockt. Und natürlich geben wir auch und vor allem dem Untergrund und allen Newcomern eine Chance, d...
74,410 Minutes played

New England Rock & Metal

Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Metal, Grunge
NRM Radio is an independent hard rock and heavy metal station created as an effort to bring the New England rock and met...
73,330 Minutes played

Radio ROKS Hard'n'Heavy

Heavy Metal, 80s, 90s, 00s, Hard Rock
Radio ROKS is a Ukrainian radio station. This channel is for you who love Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. You'll hear Hits of...
62,375 Minutes played

Megarock Radio - All Request Rock

Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Hard Rock
Megarock is a HD rock radio station broadcasting from a bunker outside St. Louis. No commercials, all requests, all rock...
61,365 Minutes played

Radio BOB! - Hessen

Classic Rock, Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Light Rock, Modern Rock, Soft Rock, German, Rock
DE - Radio Bob - Best of Rock and Pop with the Livestream from Germany Hessen.
61,020 Minutes played

Rock Rádio Šumava

Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock
Listen to real rock radio from South Bohemia, you will hear new songs and rock bands of past years.
51,800 Minutes played

Серебряный Дождь

Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Hard Rock, 60s
Only here you can hear rare compositions that we carefully select around the world. In addition, there are special music...
46,300 Minutes played

.113FM The Eagle

Celtic Rock, Christian Rock, Classic Rock, Folk Rock, Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Indie Rock, JROCK, Latin Rock, Light Rock, Modern Rock, Prog Rock, Rock, Soft Rock, Best Of
Your music station for Classic Rock hits and more.
43,535 Minutes played

Nostalgie Belgique - Rock Classics

Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Light Rock, Rock, Soft Rock, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Old Time, Old Time Radio, Oldies, Classic Rock
Nostalgie Belgique - Rock Classics - BE Ecoutez le meilleur de la musique rock !
42,890 Minutes played

Hard Radio

Black Metal, Death Metal, Hair Metal, Heavy Metal, Metal, Power Metal, Hard Rock, Classic Metal
HardRadio [Shoutcast]
40,325 Minutes played

Bandit Rock

Rock, 90s, 70s, 80s, 00s, Hard Rock
Bandit Rock talks about the great cult rock bands and their journey from the rehearsal room to the rock arenas. You can...
37,715 Minutes played

Radio Open FM - Classic Rock

Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Rock, Rock & Roll, Rock Steady, Rockabilly, Polish, Talk, Classic Metal
Open FM will find music tuned to you and by you. In the offer of over 100 stations, which we prepare especially for you...
36,995 Minutes played


Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Rock
24/7 Von Rock bis Metal!!!!!!!
30,100 Minutes played

Tossy FM

Rock, Alternative, Pop, Punk, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal
Tossy FM Online radio [DE, Laut.FM]
28,455 Minutes played


Classic Rock, Folk Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock & Roll, Black Metal, Metal, Metalcore, Power Metal, Rap Metal, Punk
Ultra is a Moscow music radio station, the first metropolitan station dedicated to alternative and progressive youth mus...
27,135 Minutes played

Rádio Beat

Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Rock
Listen to Rock, Hard Rock, Metal and Classic Rock Music. Radio Beat 95.3 FM is a broadcast Radio station from Prague, C...
21,275 Minutes played

WMCB-lp 107.9FM

Rock, Hard Rock, Ragga, Talk, Inspirational, Educational, Folk, College
WMCB ist ein Community-Radiosender, der von Freiwilligen betrieben wird und täglich von Mittag bis Mitternacht über eine...
21,245 Minutes played


Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Metalcore, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Power Metal, Progressive Metal
Rock 106.9 KKZR is Houston's ONLY Hard Rock and Metal Station. Now broadcasting WORLDWIDE! ... Back from the Bone Yard,...
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