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45 Stations with Genre New Wave

65.272 Minutes played

A Better Alternative X-Rock Station

Alternative, New Wave, Punk, Rock
12.263 Minutes played

Red Light Radio

New Wave, Afrobeat, Black Metal, Electro
1.747 Minutes played

Oroya Wave

Gothic, Britpop, New Wave, Synthpop
6.930 Minutes played

Dark Wave Sounds

Gothic, New Wave, Darkcore, Metalcore
194 Minutes played

Artefaktor Radio

Electronica, Electro, Synthpop, New Wave
Collection of music. Since the begining until now. Under and pop music Live from Mexico City. Synth, synthwave, electronica, electro.
858 Minutes played

80s Vibes Radio

New Wave, 80s, Synthpop
Turn back the clock and head back to the 80s with 80s Vibes Radio, featuring the best of synthpop, synthwave, new wave and more!
3.047 Minutes played


80s, New Wave, Dance, Synthpop
46.135 Minutes played


Synthpop, New Wave, 80s, Electro
1.930 Minutes played

R.SH 80er

80s, R'n'B, Synthpop, New Wave
R.SH 80s - Tune in the R.SH 80s-Mix and listen to the most successful chart breakers of Synthpop, New Wave, R&B and the New German Wave.
162 Minutes played


80s, Hits, Synthpop, New Wave
The RADIO PSR 80s-Mix takes you back in the time of Synthpop and New German Wave.
14.015 Minutes played


New Wave, 80s, Synthpop
Discover their top 10 everyweek and enjoy the best of retrowave, synthwave, newretrowave, dreamwave and more! Go on a musical journey with DRIVE.
584 Minutes played


Synthpop, Indie, New Wave, Pop
6.330 Minutes played


Gothic, Industrial, Synthpop, New Wave
2.384 Minutes played

GothDimension - Wave Gothic Radio

Ambient, Gothic, Industrial, New Wave
1.819 Minutes played

80s Forever

Indie, Alternative, New Wave, 80s
80s Forever Radio plays songs from 1979-1990, New Wave, Alternative, Indie, Power Pop, Synthpop and College Rock. Back to the 80s!
160 Minutes played


Alternative, Electro, Industrial, New Wave
94 Minutes played


80s, Funk, New Wave, Rock
ABSOLOM 80:The best 80s music. sur lNew-wave, Disco, Funk, Rock, Italo-dance in one webradio ABSOLOM 80 - The sound of the 80s!
1 Minutes played

Classic New Wave -

New Wave, 80s
A collection of classic New Wave 80s music!
186 Minutes played


New Wave, 70s, Pop, Rock
An eclectic blend of 70s music including pop, pop rock, rock, disco, soul, new wave and album cuts.
838 Minutes played

Radio Atlantide

New Wave, 80s, Indie, Alternative
New Wave Music of all times. And other big Hits of yesterday and tomorrow.
102.560 Minutes played


New Wave, Indie, Postrock, Punk
0 Minutes played


New Wave, Indie, Alternative, Punk
1.195 Minutes played

Radio X US

New Wave, Indie, Alternative, Rock
Alternative music from now and then. Find here rock, punk, alternative, adult alternative, ska, reggae, industrial, grunge and the occasional 'oh wow' song.
12 Minutes played

Clásicos 80 y Más

New Wave, 80s, 90s, 2000s
0 Minutes played

80s Throwback Party

New Wave, 80s, Pop
This station brings the 80s party to your ear. Picture this - heavy synth beats, New Wave sounds, WHAM!, Duran, Flock, Fur, Bowie, Benatar & more!
0 Minutes played

XX Radio (WXXP 100.7 FM - Pittsburgh)

New Wave, Pop, Alternative, Punk
XX Radio (WXXP 100.7 FM - Pittsburgh) - the classic alternative rock station.
26 Minutes played

Radio Free Phoenix

Blues, Folk, New Wave, Rock
Radio Free Phoenix plays--Rock, Folk, Blues, Psychedelic, New Wave, Americana, Progressive, 60's, 70's,80's, 90's and new music too.
0 Minutes played

ChuckU Ultimate 80's

80s, New Wave, Pop, Rock
ChuckU Ultimate 80's: 80?s Hits, Pop, New Wave, Exclusive Dance remixes. Most of our extended versions come from the original 12? Vinyl.
0 Minutes played

Made in UK radio

Rock, 80s, New Wave, Pop
864 Minutes played

80s80s David Bowie

80s, New Wave, Pop, Rock
80s80s Bowie. The best of David Bowie – nonstop. On 80s80s – Real 80s Radio. Farewell, Spaceboy!
0 Minutes played


Top 40, New Wave, Pop, Rock
0 Minutes played


Rock, Disco, 80s, New Wave
0 Minutes played

80s Lite Hits -

80s, New Wave, Pop, R'n'B
A unique niche for 80s music fans of the lighter side of the 80s pop hits.
0 Minutes played


Electro, Indie, New Wave
3.823 Minutes played

BeGoodRadio - 80s New Wave

New Wave, 80s
The New Wave channel from BeGoodRadio, featuring 80s New Wave blasts from the past. All 80s all the time!
0 Minutes played

80s By The Hour

New Wave, 80s, Pop
A great mix of all genres: Pop, New Wave, New Romantic, Dance.
0 Minutes played


80s, New Wave, Pop
Voyagez au coeur des anneées 80!
0 Minutes played

Strawberry Tongue Radio

New Wave, Indie, Alternative, Punk
15 Minutes played

Radio Onda Libera

New Wave, Hits, Italian Music
0 Minutes played

Play 80's radio

New Wave, Hits, 80s, Pop
0 Minutes played


New Wave, Pop, Rock
The best Belgian pop and rock music all in one place, 24/7.
0 Minutes played

Best Net Radio - New Wave

New Wave, 80s
Best Net Radio - New Wave plays the best New Wave songs bringing the 80s back to life!
0 Minutes played


New Wave, Pop
100% POP - NEW WAVE - PROG is radio specialized Pop and New Wave with standards like The Cure and Depeche Mode.
0 Minutes played

1A 80er Hits

New Wave, 80s, Pop
535 Minutes played

80s New Wave

New Wave
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