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100 Stations with Genre Lounge

83.658 Minutes played


Mainstream, Pop, Ambient, Rock
9.894 Minutes played


Mainstream, Pop, Ambient, Rock
858 Minutes played


3.732 Minutes played


54 Minutes played

OpenFM - Odg?osy Natury

Ambient, Experimental, Instrumental
3.206 Minutes played


8.809 Minutes played


Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo
Entspannte Klänge aus Ambient, Chillout und Downtempo - for party people after the party!
2.045 Minutes played

CALM RADIO - Feng Shui

1.813 Minutes played

Infinite Circuit Radio

Chillout, Techno, Electro, Ambient
601 Minutes played


3.813 Minutes played

WELLE 1 Lounge

Chillout, Lounge, World, Ambient
246 Minutes played - Confluence Radio

Ambient, Asian Music, World
5.855 Minutes played


Ambient, Chillout, Hip Hop, Lounge
90 Minutes played

Radio 6 Outer Limits

Ambient, Electronica
2.677 Minutes played

Luna Radio

Trance, Ambient
33.233 Minutes played

Blue FM

Ambient, Easy Listening, Instrumental
56.816 Minutes played

Planet Lounge Radio

Lounge, Chillout, World, Ambient
154 Minutes played

Polskastacja Eden

Ambient, World
World and ambient music for relaxed listening with Polskastacja online radio from Poland.
155 Minutes played


140 Minutes played


Mainstream, Pop, Ambient, Rock
739 Minutes played

Radio Horyzont

Ambient, Chillout
Radio Horyzont - polish web radio with music to make you chill out and put your worries to rest.
2.098 Minutes played


Ambient, Baroque, Classical, Opera
AdagioRadio - Classical Radio from Spain
257.879 Minutes played

Psy Chill Zone

Chillout, Ambient, Psy, Breakbeat
Enjoy the Deep!
39.967 Minutes played

Chill Out Zone

Ambient, Breakbeat, Chillout
680 Minutes played

Play Jazz web radio

Jazz, Bossa Nova, Ambient, Swing
232 Minutes played

Mondello Radio

Ambient, Bossa Nova, Jazz
Mondello Radio: A Classic is back! Jazz, Smooth & Cool Jazz, Fusion, Bossa Nova, Rock, Progressive Rock, Ambient and Deep Space Ambient Music.
33 Minutes played

Radio4Baby - Playtime

Ambient, Children Music, Classical, Easy Listening
Composed for infants and pregnant women, good music is not only a source of joy, but also develops the baby's sensitivity and intelligence.
916 Minutes played

Witches Channel Radio

Chillout, Ambient, Celtic
1.647 Minutes played

Wicca Radio

Ambient, Celtic, Chillout, Folk
Listen to different styles of music on Wicca Radio: Chill-out, Celtic, Rock Celtic, Folk Rock, Pagan Music, Wicca music, Ambient.
9.919 Minutes played

Yimago Radio 4

Ambient, Celtic, New Age
Yimago Radio 4, the radio station that permits to escape the daily routine and be tansported to a relaxing state of mind.
1.391 Minutes played

Radio Praetoria

New Age, World, Ambient, Celtic
Music that sings to the soul, and sparks the imagination! The best in New Age / Celtic / Ambient / World / Electronic with many surprises in between.
160 Minutes played

Sad Classical Music

Gothic, Classical, Darkcore, Ambient
284 Minutes played

Cave Carli Radio

Ambient, Dub, Eclectic, Electro
Cave Carli Radio (CCR) is the new speaker of the Marseille of today - a city guide as well as a virtual club.
2.535 Minutes played

Top Tonic Lounge

Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Ambient
3.441 Minutes played


Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge
Sit back and relax. Get comfortable. Now close your eyes and enjoy pure music.
525 Minutes played

Radio Pacifique

Ambient, Downtempo, Easy Listening, Lounge
8.788 Minutes played

Radio Plenitude

Ambient, Downtempo, Easy Listening, New Age
1.286 Minutes played

Cave Carli Radio

Ambient, Dub, Eclectic, Electro
Cave Carli Radio (CCR) is the new speaker of the Marseille of today - a city guide as well as a virtual club.
227 Minutes played

Top Tonic Lounge

Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Ambient
150 Minutes played

HearMe.FM - Smooth Lounge

Chillout, Downtempo, Ambient
Chilled Organic Beats from California to the World.
237 Minutes played


Chillout, Downtempo, Ambient, Lounge
The radio station for intimate moments.
9.081 Minutes played

Echoes of Bluemars

Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge
Echoes of Bluemars - a tribute to Bluemars - Music For the Space Traveler.
20.774 Minutes played

Music of the Gods

Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Psy
relax with ambient, psychill, psybient, chill and downtempo - music of the gods!
116 Minutes played

Juicy Lounge

Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge
Juicy Lounge invites everybody to chill-out!
4.070 Minutes played

Dark Ambient Radio

Electro, Downtempo, Ambient
446 Minutes played

Ambient, Downtempo, Electro Swing, Lounge
Light food of downtempo, nu jazz, Brazil Electro and a breeze of ambient. Together it becomes a beautiful relaxed wave of sound.
1.106 Minutes played

Echoes of Bluemars - Cryosleep

Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge
Echoes of Bluemars - a tribute to Bluemars - Music For the Space Traveler.
79.091 Minutes played

Chill-out Radio

Chillout, Downtempo, Ambient, Lounge
172 Minutes played


Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge, is an independent online chillout radio station which takes you on an epic journey through different genres of music
6.146 Minutes played

1.FM - Chillout Lounge

Chillout, Downtempo, Ambient
The Chillout Lounge, as its name suggests, is a space dedicated to the mellow, softer side of electronic music.
114.148 Minutes played

Chill, Relaxing, Positive

Chillout, New Age, Downtempo, Ambient
Relax while listening on Master of Chillout a mix of smooth Electronic, Chillout, Downtempo and some others mellow music genres.
161 Minutes played

Ambient, Downtempo, Electronica, New Age Ambient, Space Ambient, DayDream, Meditation, Deep Space, New Age, Electronica and Downtempo Music.
106 Minutes played


Chillout, Jazz, Downtempo, Ambient
453 Minutes played


Ambient, Lounge, Soundtrack, Variété Française
The best of French cinema in music and song from the 50s to today.
16.460 Minutes played


Ambient, Experimental, Electronica
ZERO BEAT ZONE plays Zero Beat Ambient, Deep Space, Electronic and Experimental Music.
2.800 Minutes played

SF 10-33

Ambient, Experimental
4.202 Minutes played

Radio Ici & Maintenant !

Ambient, Experimental
The online radio that helps you find yourself and relaxes your sould with beautiful ambient music and spiritual sounds.
45 Minutes played

Naviar Radio

Ambient, Electro, Experimental
Naviar Radio presents a calming mix of ambient, electro and experimental music 24/7. Close your eyes, sit back and relax.
690 Minutes played


Ambient, Experimental
26 Minutes played

Cue Radio Channel 1

Ambient, Experimental, Industrial, Minimal
Rare Underground Electronic Music Non-Stop!
531 Minutes played

R1 Melodic Dubstep

Chillout, Ambient, Dubstep, Garage House
1.984 Minutes played

R1 Melodic Dubstep

Chillout, Ambient, Dubstep, Garage House
45.575 Minutes played

Joint Radio Beat

Progressive House, Ambient, Trance, Goa
Joint Radio Beat is an Internet radio station that plays a wide range of electronic music for 24 hours 7 days a week. In addition, they host friends during t...
9.920 Minutes played

Radio Nature

New Age, Ambient, Easy Listening
1.741 Minutes played

Peaceful Currents Radio

Christmas, Instrumental, New Age, Ambient
The right music selection to spend the holidays quiet and easy. With instrumental pieces and christmas classics this station makes your holidays.
236 Minutes played 2 - New Age, Ambient and Classic

Ambient, Easy Listening, New Age, Trance
New Age music from a german webradio including everything between easy listening, chillout, lounge, etc.
8 Minutes played


Ambient, Classical, New Age, World
SMOOTH RIVIERA varies the musical styles of the new age to classical music, through Celtic music and other world influences.
584.601 Minutes played

Enigmatic Station

Chillout, New Age, Ambient
Enigmati Station from Russia, presents a complete playlist of relaxing tracks from the genres new age, chillout and more!
984 Minutes played

Happyday New Age Radio

Ambient, Chillout, Instrumental, New Age
548 Minutes played

MusicOnly FM

New Age, Ambient, Oldies, Soft Pop
957 Minutes played

Harmony Cool Radio

New Age, Ambient
945 Minutes played

Misterium II

Ambient, World, Classical, New Age
125 Minutes played


World, Classical, New Age, Ambient
56.523 Minutes played

7 Rays Radio

Chillout, New Age, Ambient
Ambient, Electronic, Space music; New Age and Meditative music; Berlin School Electronic music; Relax and Healing music.
734 Minutes played


Chillout, New Age, Ambient, Electro
4.004 Minutes played

Pure Radio Holland

Techno, Deep House, Progressive House, Ambient
Underground Music Only. Pure Radio is an internet station based in the Netherlands. Their goal is to provide a platform for new, established artists & DJs.
709 Minutes played

GotRadio - Piano Perfect

Ambient, Classical, Piano Music
Piano masterpieces by contemporary piano soloists brough to you by piano music channel of Got Radio station.
289 Minutes played


Chillout, Psy, Ambient, Electro
Psychillosis - Electronic ambient psy-chill music for the mind. Tune in, tune out, let go.
311.141 Minutes played


Ambient, Chillout, Psy
Psychic Radio Station
44.623 Minutes played

Chromanova Ambient & Chillout

Ambient, Chillout, Psy
32 Minutes played


Ambient, Techno, Electro, Synthpop
17.286 Minutes played

TOTAL instrumental

Ambient, Chillout, Instrumental, Synthpop
626 Minutes played

Chroma Nature

Ambient, Chillout
Find relaxation in the sounds of nature. Enjoy through the web radio station from ChromaRadio: Nature Sounds.
865 Minutes played

AbacusFM Birdsong

The sound of birds, fully in song!
1.455 Minutes played

AbacusFM Rain

The sound of rain...
158 Minutes played

ChurchVibes Radio

Ambient, Gospel, Rap, Soul
ChurchVibes Radio connects people with the word of God daily with Readings, Devotions, Prayer & Information.
2.542 Minutes played


Ambient, Chillout, Lounge
145 Minutes played


Deep House, Tropical, Ambient, Lounge
13.862 Minutes played

Ambient Sleeping Pill

4 Minutes played

Ambiente 91.9 FM

Chillout, Ambient, Jazz
382 Minutes played

Ambient Art Sound

Ambient, Chillout
6 Minutes played


3.505 Minutes played

Chill One

Ambient, Chillout, Lounge
CHILL ONE 100% Chill-out and Lounge Music-Chill One feed your mind
7.576 Minutes played

BigR - Erins Chill

Ambient, Chillout
Presenting the Erins Chill channel from Big R Radio, a network offering dozens of free high quality online internet radio stations for your listening enjoyment.
0 Minutes played

AbacusFM Ocean

The sound of the ocean.
817 Minutes played

3INR Inner FM 96.5 FM

Ambient, Hits
2.351 Minutes played

16bit.FM - Café

Ambient, Chillout
Ambient and chillout chanel of 16bit.FM online radio from Russia.
6.566 Minutes played Breathe of Nature

Web radio for nature sounds brought to you by russian online radio.
0 Minutes played

#Musik Lounge

Ambient, Chillout, Lounge
34 Minutes played

Creatures Of The Night Radio COTN

Ambient, Chillout, House, Lounge
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