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92 Stations from Slovakia

272,945 Minutes played

Rádio Anténa Rock

New Wave, Modern Rock, Rock, Classic Rock
Rádio Anténa Rock is a radio for all rock music lovers!
202,595 Minutes played

Radio Expres

New Wave, Charts
Radio Expres
33,520 Minutes played

Rádio Jemné

Viac hudby a menej slov. More music and less words.
31,605 Minutes played


Pop, World Pop, Hot Country Hits
Hity, ktoré milujete. Hits you love
24,675 Minutes played

Radio Expres Slovakia

Baví nás baviť vás
11,240 Minutes played

Rádio Frontinus

Top 40, News, Talk, Mainstream
Frontinus regional radio is musically focused on all generations - from the latest hits to the biggest hits of the past...
6,185 Minutes played

Rádio Beta - České a Slovenské hity

80s, 90s, Pop, Rock, Mainstream
Radio Stream internet stream focused on Czech and Slovak hits.
160 Minutes played

YES! Rádio

Dance, Pop, 80s, 90s, Dance Pop
Regional Radio Yes broadcasts on frequencies in Topoľčany and its surroundings since December 2007. It is aimed at liste...
155 Minutes played

Fun Radio

Pop, Top 40, Dance, Rock
Every day we bring you the latest, funniest and most interesting news from our radio or online world. Join us and be the...
110 Minutes played

Rádio Anténa HardRock (online)

Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal, Hard Rock
Radio Antenna's internet stream is focused on rock songs full of energy from the 1970s to the present. The playlist cont...
100 Minutes played

Rádio Jemné Chillout

Smooth Jazz, Soul, Chill-Out, Lounge
Internet Stream Radio Fine aimed at the more demanding listener. Musically containing the genres lounge, smooth jazz, so...
10 Minutes played

Fun Radio Dance

Dance Pop, Disco, Electronic, Dance
Internet Stream Fun Radio, offers non-stop exclusively dance hits.
0 Minutes played

Rádio Šírava

Pop, Rock, News, Talk, Dance
Radio for Zemplín - wants to provide listeners with information about social life in the region. Musically it is focused...
0 Minutes played

SRo2 Rádio Regina Západ

Traditional Folk, World Folk, Ethnic Fusion, Classical, News, Talk, Weather, Sports
Radio Regina, the second RTVS radio circuit, consists of three regional studios - in addition to Bratislava, Banská Byst...
0 Minutes played

Radio Vlna Golden Hits

Best Of, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s
Radio Wave has created an Internet radio full of golden hits, which enjoy the greatest popularity among radio listeners.
0 Minutes played

Europa 2

Pop, Rock, Dance, News, Top 40, Adult Contemporary
Radio Europa2 offers you the best music mix of the most up-to-date hits on the world and home scene. Europa2 is a modern...
0 Minutes played

Rádio Šport

Sports, News, Mainstream
Radio Sport will focus on youth sports, minority sectors, and adrenaline sports, which have little space in other media....
0 Minutes played

Radio X - Alternative X

Adult Alternative, Alternative Folk, Alternative Rap, Classic Alternative, Alternative
Alternative X is a specialized stream of Radio X focused on various alternative music styles. Radio X is a student radio...
0 Minutes played

Radio X - Chillout X

Chill House, Chill-Out, Electronic, Chill
Chillout X is a specialized stream of Radio X focused on various styles of electronic music. Radio X is a student radio...
0 Minutes played

Rádio Modus

Mainstream, Pop, Rock
Radio Modus - radio with an atmosphere that fills the air mainly with good music. It reminds the time when music was com...
0 Minutes played

Rádio PaF

Pop, Rock, Dance, Talk
Dormitory Radio Studio Radio PaF (Radio of Teachers and Philosophers) has been working at Prešov University in Prešov si...
0 Minutes played

Rádio Lumen

Talk, Spoken Word, Christian
Radio LUMEN is a private radio station with an evangelistic character. It is owned by the Catholic Church in Slovakia in...
0 Minutes played

Radio Beta

Talk, Spoken Word, News, Mainstream
Radio BETA, broadcasts from Bojnice. This regional radio with its frequencies (93.9 Prievidza, 102 Handlová and 104.3 Tr...
0 Minutes played

Rádio Beta - Hráme jubilantom

Pop, Rock, Talk, Mainstream
Radio Beta internet stream focused on jubilant songs.
0 Minutes played

Rádio Rebeca

Pop, Rock, News, Talk, Mainstream
Radio Rebeca legend in Slovak ether.
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